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About the system

Efficient Violence Systems (EVS) is a complex system of preparation for a situation of power confrontation (performance of service and combat mission).
The system is based on the techniques of hand-to-hand combat of Soviet special forces, elements of the French savvat, free-American wrestling, JIU-jitsu and other martial arts.
The elements of the system are easy to learn and extremely effective.
The technical base includes fighting techniques, shock equipment, power detention, physical and psychological training and much more.
The system is aimed at the dominance of the winner fighter's attitudes in the cadet, control of the physical and psychological side of the power confrontation.


Violence, as already evident from the etymology of the word, is the use of force, action by force. 
Often this term is only negative, but violence as a specific act of interpersonal communication can distinguish many aspects.
What will be the" color " of violence depends primarily on the purpose, for what it is undertaken.
In a situation where it is impossible to block evil except by destroying its bearers or subjugating them to good will, violence can look as natural and fair as, for example, cleaning the body of parasites.
The state is also fighting crime and terrorism.
And of course, in this context, the SYSTEM of EFFECTIVE VIOLENCE is one of the tools to combat evil and improve the personal qualities of a person.
The system is a tool that forms its owner the presence of total power superiority, which increases the ability to control risks in situations of confrontation in business, public service, everyday life and much more.
The need for force is the most important psychological constraint in making effective strategic and tactical decisions. 
Practicing system cadet through motor skills (unique technique and tactics of battle) removes social blocks on the use of violence, becoming more effective and liberated in the fight and in everyday life. 
Thus more successful, free and achieving goals, able to protect themselves and their loved ones, developing as a highly moral and full-fledged personality.

Бокс Победитель матча
человек подбегая шаги



works for the benefit of people and society. 
It preserves and uses the accumulated knowledge and experience, contributing to the spiritual and physical development of a person. 
We strive to provide the most effective result of training processes, offering simple, creative and responsible practices. 
We unite people with a common philosophy and values.

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Employees of SMERSH 70-th army


In the distant past, training in combat techniques to combat weapons and without it was the duty of soldiers.
Professional soldiers of that time not only possessed the appropriate training (equipment and tactics of the battle) but also had no special moral, ethical and legal restrictions on its use.
Tactics of warfare began to change dramatically from the end of the 19th century pushing melee into the background. 
However, the relevance of high-quality system of hand-to-hand training remained throughout the 20th century, especially in the first half.
For example, during the second world war for the search SMERSH* it was important to detain a living saboteur to give the necessary evidence and their fixation by counterintelligence. 
In what physical condition the saboteur was delivered didn't matter. The main thing that was alive and could testify. Hear, speak, sign.

*(during the great Patriotic War, the division of the counterintelligence, Death to spies, the abbreviation SMERSH. Rozysknik SMERSH "wolfhound" - the employee of special division of free search commandos in the front line)

Why today need a reliable and effective system of hand-to-hand training?

After all, in practice, it is the neutralization of the enemy or his forceful detention without limiting the measures and the force of influence.
Combat special forces in the zone of counterterrorist operations have long adhered to the principle of "in hand-to-hand combat wins the one who has a lot of ammunition." 
They are completely faithful to the tactics of modern warfare. Run fast, shoot straight and do it as best as possible. 
If earlier the standard capacity of the Mosin rifle clip was 5 rounds, then the modern automatic weapon has 30 or more. 
So terminally stupid in modern warfare to rely on melee.
An exception may be a knife, because of its high functionality. In addition to the enemy stabbing and cutting blows in battle, they can still open a can of stew or use as a sling for an undisclosed parachute.
Is it possible to use such a system by officers of operational and special police units?
Perhaps, too, there is no, so as this will be interpreted as excessive the use of forces to presidency not agreed shares (popular procession) in Moscow)))
There have to be restrictions as that is not correct at detention of the civil protesters to break to it a collarbone and two edges.
Effective of course, but not humane. 

As a consequence, we conclude that in most cases the use of such a system by a member of the armed forces or the police is rather limited. We will also consider the use of effective violence by civilians to protect their legitimate rights and interests. Every citizen has the right to self-defence, but without exceeding the necessary limits. Unthinkable at first glance, how can self-defense be exceeded? However, criminal liability for exceeding the necessary limits exists. This responsibility imposes certain restrictions on the citizen, and in fact does not always make it possible to defend honor and dignity as effectively as possible.

Hence the conclusion that the integral use of EVS or similar, can only be for the preparation of public special forces (private military companies) with minimal restrictions on the use of force, employees of illegal public services, or civilians (18+) aware of the degree of responsibility for the use of knowledge. In part, the elements of the system are applicable to a wide range of tasks of the armed forces, law enforcement agencies and civil self-defence.


There is a legend that in the 20-30s of the last century in the USSR was developed a highly effective system of hand-to-hand training for military needs.
Military experience, practice of martial arts of the people of the country, receptions of the criminal environment were generalized, available foreign grants and manuals were studied, experts of China, Japan, some countries of Europe and others were involved.
Efficiency of separate receptions and training techniques was checked in educational and training fights with citizens sentenced to the capital punishment (having experience of hand-to-hand fights criminal criminals, fighters of bands, agents of enemy intelligence services and others).
Perfected fight in a variety of tactical situations and weather conditions, the soldiers were introduced into battle in a variety of physical and psycho-emotional condition.
Technical, tactical and training-methodical reasons of victories and defeats were analyzed.
All the dead and not able to because of injuries to continue the fight in a mandatory manner was subjected to medical examination to accurately determine the cause of injury or death, as well as the nature of the internal damage. 
The results of all analyses were statistically processed for effectiveness.
After that, the selection of technical and tactical Arsenal was carried out, that is, the creation of the original system of hand-to-hand combat.
This story actually can be applied to any more or less integral system of training ranging from different styles of karate and ending kraf-Maga.
All of them once became a single system with technical and tactical Arsenal
proven to some extent in practice.
The rest depends on the completeness and brilliance of the legend and the talent of the narrator. 
We are supporters of facts, not speculation and fantasy, so consider what the roots of the SYSTEM of EFFECTIVE VIOLENCE come from V. A. Spiridonov and V. S. Oschepkov. The legend of the super effective and secret system almost coincides with the official history of the "struggle of the free style" or "Sambo", removing of course "bright pictures" of the use of anti-human practices but not rejecting them.
It really existed persons who laid the Foundation of new Soviet system of hand-to-hand fight.
From the very beginning, the system developed in two directions: as a mass sport (forming the future personnel of the system) and as an effective means of training special units of the time (NKVD, intelligence, saboteurs, and later SMERSH employees, etc.).) 
At the moment, there are several varieties of the same sports system, i.e. SAMBO which has been developing and popularized for more than 70 years, including options for adding a kick-Boxing strike base. 
But the second part of the system of special training, especially after the second world war, could not be compared in the number of instructors with such a mass sport as SAMBO. 
Accordingly, over time, athletes as a "community" increasingly lobbied for their interests and influence through various tools. Which led to the further popularization of SAMBO in the country and the almost complete use of as the main core of close combat training in the power structures.
Later under the influence of the fashion army and law enforcement agencies began to use the term "military hand to hand combat", which was essentially a mixture of karate and SAMBO.
Well, the system of special training or having the potential of mass practically gone down in history.
Therefore, today people with varying degrees of knowledge about the very system is quite small. 
The EVS team put a lot of effort not only to restore the forgotten knowledge, but also to introduce new effective methods using their own unique experience.
Of course with an easy hand it would be possible to call this system of special training famous and legendary "Fighting SAMBO", but the interpretation of this abbreviation very narrowly reflects its potential.
In addition, the word SAMBO has long been justly privatized sports society. 
Therefore, we proposed a name - EFFECTIVE VIOLENCE SYSTEM (EVS) is unique and reflects not only the content of the system, but her spirit and, ultimately, destiny.
SAMBO has its own way and in our opinion today IT is a worthy system for basic training of civil self-defense, officers of the armed forces, the National guard, the FSB and other law enforcement agencies.
However, the events taking place in the world today prove that the system of EFFECTIVE VIOLENCE in many issues is relevant and practically applicable, while remaining as before the destiny of the elected.

Спиридонов и Ощепков.jpg

V.A. Spiridonov

V.S. Oschepkov

боевое самбо.jpg

Training of the founders of combat Sambo in the early XX century


SpezNaz trainings



The EFFECTIVE VIOLENCE SYSTEM is a full and complete system of training and includes all the necessary Arsenal of techniques and tactics of hand-to-hand combat. EVS has backbone elements present in the main fighting techniques and shock equipment. 
The same feature of the system allows to integrate new effective elements of various martial arts. 
And also use the elements of the system for additional training of a fighter of any system of self-defense, hand-to-hand combat or karate.
For example, we with great advantage exchanged experience of fight on the ground (orchestra seats) with representatives of the Brazilian Ju-jitsu, worked in educational fights interesting to us receptions of this fight and added them to our system. In turn, they were unexpectedly surprised by the success of our equipment within their sports rules.
We also successfully apply modern elements of self-regulation in the training of groups of cadets, which can significantly improve the efficiency of the educational process and reduce the time spent. To this list you can add a lot of modern developments that we have integrated into the system and successfully use.
We are not resting on our laurels and despite our old school, we live not only in the past. We believe in the future, moving forward and developing.