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Trainer EVS

He served in the operational unit of the border troops of the defense Ministry.

Programms author and Professor of international fees in unarmed combat

and physical fitness. Currently engaged in practice,

research and teaching of applied dietetics.

Master of sports in athletics.


Trainer EVS

He served in the special purpose unit of the interior Ministry.

Currently, he manages the all-Russian public organization.

Graduated from The state University of management.

PhD in economics. Master of sports in Sambo.

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Trainer EVS

He served in the criminal investigation Department of internal Affairs of the Russian Federation.

Currently manages a group of private security structures.

He graduated from the Moscow University of the interior Ministry.

World and European parachuting champion.


Trainer EVS

He served in the deep intelligence unit of the armed forces of Canada.

Author of methods of learning English and Spanish.

Currently engaged in the practice of research and teaching methods of personal growth. Master of sports in weightlifting.

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PR, external and internal communications

For more than ten years he held senior positions in PR and communications
with the public in various Russian and foreign companies.

Currently engaged in practice, teaching and research of communication technologies. He studied at the Moscow Institute of Steel and Alloys.

Leading storyteller of Russia.